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Hog & Tallow

Handmade West Country Tallow Skincare
A sustainable soap, lovingly crafted with local organic grass fed tallow, local by-produce and foraged botanicals

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Waste not want not!

Based on the Somerset Devon boarder, we hand make small batch soap using beautiful local ingredients. We wanted to create a soap with a minimal impact on the environment, a smaller carbon footprint and use local ingredients and that would have otherwise been thrown away! 

We use local grass fed tallow and local by-products such as waste beer & cider, charcoal fines and foraged botanicals. All our packaging is recycled, reused and plastic free.


Our soap contains only natural ingredients and pure essential oils.


Our ingredients - Why Tallow?

Tallow is beef fat. It has been used for centuries to make soap and for good reason. It's incredibly compatible with our skin. The tallow we use is from lovely local farms and our own small holding. It is from grass fed cattle & often organic. We want to support regenerative farming and are lucky to have a workshop on a site that is currently rewilding and using organic farming practices.


Tallow is already used across the beauty industry from lipstick to big brand soap (look for 'sodium tallowate'). It's skin loving - The fatty acids in grass fed tallow are similar in molecular structure and composition to those found in the layers of our skin and, as a result, incredibly moisturising. Rich in vitamins A, D, E & K tallow is naturally compatible with our skin. No, we are not a vegan product  - coconut oil and shea butter are great but we choose to use amazing skin loving fats and oils that haven't been imported to keep our carbon footprint lower. We believe that if we raise animals to eat then we need to use every part -  not throw it away! 



We have a large herb garden next to our workshop where we grow a lot of the botanicals for our soaps. The botanicals we use infuse their goodness and properties into our soaps and are chosen for their skin loving properties. We often forage for wild botanicals such as hips to super power our skin care products.

Local Waste

We love meeting local artisans to pick up their waste. From beer less than 5 miles down the road to charcoal & botanicals from our own village - we use these by-products to produce a beautiful soap that doesn't cost the earth.            Hog & Tallow, Trill Farm EX13 8TU

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