Salt Lick - a hand made soap using West Country tallow, comfrey infused British rapeseed oil and Devon sea salt. Our Salt lick bar comes in two varieties; a salt and peppermint oil or a salt, cornish seaweed and lemon oil choice. Salt Lick has a creamy texture rather than bubbly and is often known as a 'spa bar' - it feels very luxurious. Salt soap has wonderful properites for our skin  - it's moisturising and has anti bactierial properties as well as being a deep clenser. Salt soap is thought to be very good at fighting spot prone skin. It also creates a hard and long lasting bar. The addition of peppermint oil gives the soap a fresh, exhilarating feeling. 80g e

Salt Lick - salt bar

  • Hog & Tallow Soaps are made with local tallow or lard, comfrey infused British rapeseed oil and waste ingredients such as ale, milk and cider. All the ingredients are either foraged by ourselves or collected from small cottage industries who are willing to give us their waste. 

    Tallow is a traditional and fantastic ingredient in soap. The fatty acids in tallow are similar to those found in the protective outer layer of human skin and in naturally produced skin oils

    Tallow is highly compatible with our skin, allowing it to absorb easily, improve the protective barrier, prevent moisture loss and contribute to the appearance of healthy looking skin.

    Being full of vitamin E, rapeseed oil is another skin loving ingredient. We wanted to use fats that are not only great for the skin but local to us and not flown in from around the world resulting in a soap with a very small carbon footprint! 

    We only use herbs and plants that we forage ourselves so we know that they are organic or from trusted gardens.